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Letter to a Prospective Qigong and/or Taiji Student

Yes, there are reasonable instructors both in price and quality in your area, but that should not be your primary concern. Neither Qigong nor Taiji are vanilla ice cream –neither is a uniform, smooth, sweet, and creamy blend. Before recommending a teacher, school, or style of practice (including myself and my classes), I would consider who you are and what you want to accomplish with your study.

Sure, that sounds obvious but I’m always amazed by how many people will sign up blindly and after a class or two drop out, thinking, “This is just not for me.”

Some questions for you:
Do you want to learn qigong or taiji to improve your own health?
Do you want to learn qigong or taiji to become a healer or health provider?
Do you have a specific health concern that you want to focus on?
Are you interested in balance, strength, coordination, centering?
Or meditation and/or stress reduction?
Are you an athlete interested in cross training or self improvement?
Are you willing to “taste bitter”?
Lastly, when you meet your future instructor, try to notice if you feel a simpatico relationship is possible.

I hope you notice that these questions point toward the wide divergence of reasons why people study tai chii and qigong. If you go through the exercise of deciding what you want from qigong or tai chi, I’m sure that you will appreciate what you get from your study much more. Ideally, you will, in time, have more than one teacher. In tai chi, your learning never stops.

Frances L. Gander, L.Ac., Tai Chi Instructor



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