Never been healthier in my life!

I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Frances every month for several years. I am a cancer survivor (12 years now) and I believe acupuncture is a good cancer preventive. However, more recently, I was diagnosed with Type-II diabetes. With acupuncture, supplements and herbs, insulin therapy, and a modified Atkins Diet (no bread, pasta, potatoes but lots of vegetables), I successfully slowly reversed the diabetes over a six-month period! Frances was very supportive with many helpful suggestions, including Chinese herbs, which helped my body re-start its insulin production and processing. If I had followed the standard modern medical drug treatment, I probably would never have been able to accomplish this wonderful reversal. Acupuncture is really the best medicine and it is keeping me young and productive; I have never been healthier in my life!

.Elizabeth Gierlowski-Kordesch, PhD, Geology Professor, Ohio University


Her work provides real results

I deal with issues such as panic attacks and extremely low blood pressure and was referred to Frances by a few friends in May 2013 after I had decided to quit the medical acupuncturist I was seeing.  That doctor  worked in a clinic where she would see other patients at the same time, making the whole experience feel like an assembly line and very impersonal.  I would be alone in the room for long periods of time and could not reach her when needed.  Once the nurse who led me into the exam room found used needles left on the patient bed, which seemed careless and unprofessional.  Even though the clinic was near my office, I felt it was not worth continuing there as a patient.  People I know and trust told me to go see Frances, so I chose quality care over convenience.

My experience with Frances was exactly what I needed, and I’m sure it’s what a lot of other people look for when seeking this sort of care.  She is thorough, taking her time to get to know her patients and understand their needs, never quick to rush into the work.  She is considerate, making sure her patients are comfortable.  She works on one person at a time, giving her full attention, remaining in the room should that patient need anything during the treatment.  She is professional, keeping her work space clean and prepared for each new patient.  She is also very kind and empathetic towards her patients, providing a calm space for treatments.  While she remains friendly and communicative, she also allows for a quiet space so that her patients can really focus on the healing that is taking place.  Finally, her work provides real results.  Her methods stopped the vicious cycle of panic attacks that would plague me at times. After seasonal treatments as maintenance, I find I no longer suffer from these attacks.  She has also used her techniques to help relieve pain.  I confidently recommend Frances to anyone who feels he or she could benefit from acupuncture.

Christina Ann Jones, Athens, Ohio


… the deepest relaxation I have ever experienced

I wasn’t surprised when Frances Gander’s skilled and sensitive acupuncture helped my glitchy hip or drastically reduced the frequency of headaches. What I didn’t expect was how much it would ease chronic stress and give me experiences of the deepest relaxation I have ever experienced. These sessions were so replenishing that I made it through job loss, a new job, and stepping up to help with grandchildren. At 69 I feel more vibrant than I did at 60. I am deeply grateful.

Elizabeth Haehl, Athens, Ohio

Relief from blinding pain

Early this year I spent enormous effort seeking relief from a blinding pain in my lower left quadrant, all radiating from my knee. Having just finished a big move, I was not quick to recognize and arrange the complete knee replacement that I did need. Frances was able to eliminate the pain, increasingly longer  with each acupuncture treatment. She recognized all the factors affecting my body and helped me with stress relief, improved breathing, reduced pain both pre- and post-surgery. Anyone who seeks her talents will be forever grateful and will live a healthier life. 

Candy Ryan, Reedsville, OH 


Ten years ago when I began treatment with Frances, I had severe fibromyalgia, daily migraines, IBS, and insomnia. Currently I have only intermittent muscle aches, occasional headaches, no IBS, and sounder sleep.  I attended her tai chi classes which were invaluable for my health. She is an excellent instructor and acupuncturist. I recommend Frances to anyone who wants to experience better health and a good life.

Mary Cummings Smith, Athens, OH

 She's the Real Deal 

My acupuncture experiences with Frances have been extraordinary, [since]...the first time in May of 2005. ...That was the start of a lasting friendship. Her magic hands opened up a whole new world for me. I had such a deep feeling of relaxation after each ... treatment[s] that I could hardly get off the table. I always looked forward to my next visit. [Frances] is the real deal, walks the walk and talks the talk, which is her way of expressing a profound commitment to her profession and to her patients. During my treatments, I often experienced ... an electrical charge between the meridians where the needles were placed. I saw colors, usually the same ones, that referenced for me, that I was in that unique place mentally, physically, and psychically that only happened when I was having an acupuncture treatment. I even had several out-of-body experiences. I will always be grateful to Frances for providing that safe space that allowed me to have such a powerful and meaningful life experience. 

Ellen Shelburne, Reedsville, OH 
Bee Keeper Walks Without Pain

I started going to Frances Gander for acupuncture after being treated for plantar fasciitis for years. My doctor told me to give it a try. I previously had tried orthotics, medication, wrapping my feet at night, as well as exercises that were supposed to help. The condition just got worse. I started with acupuncture which did not help right away. After of about 9 months of one
treatment a month, I woke up one morning and realized when I put my feet down that I had no pain. The improvement was  gradual but steady. Yes, I still wear an orthotic. but I am able to walk around without any pain.

Debbie Rowe, Amesville, OH

Less pain, more energy, and sleeping better

I am a 65 year old male. An industrial accident left the whole right side of my body injured and weak. After 10 years, five major surgeries, numerous medical procedures, and prescriptions, I was still experiencing debilitating pain. ... I decided to find an acupuncturist.
Frances took her time to evaluate me physically, emotionally and mentally, and to get to know me. She explained ... [how acupuncture works]. She was always punctual and professional. ...Frances also shared her knowledge of herbs and other options for achieving good health. Since working with Frances, I have less pain. I'm sleeping better and my energy level has increased. My overall well-being is brighter.

Thom Estes, Hocking Hills, Ohio

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