Acupuncture and Taiji (Tai Chi): Long-Term Solution to Weight Management

In a culture obsessed by thin bodies, obesity rates among adults have increased dramatically to 60 percent (American Public Health Association). As Americans spend more than $33 billion annually on weight-loss products and services, most diet fads bring only short-term solutions. Acupuncture and taiji are great alternatives for controlling weight. Plus these two remedies have only good side-effects!

When attempting to diet, many people experience withdrawal, or cravings, due to a lack of endorphins. The desire to eat stimulates a dieter’s urge to binge. This is one reason why diets often cause people to gain more weight: They do not address cravings. Acupuncture and taiji counterbalance cravings by releasing endorphins in the brain, which actually alleviate the withdrawal symptoms that sabotage dieting efforts.

Over-eating can also be related to stress, which increases cortisol levels. This increase in cortisol can alter metabolism, thus causing stressed people to eat more and gain weight. As with cravings, the endorphins released by acupuncture and the gentle motions of taiji also help reduce stress, which can counter the need to overeat. Both taiji and acupuncture can stimulate the hypothalamus. This induces weight loss because the hypothalamus regulates thyroid and hormone levels, which in turn regulate metabolism.

Because taiji regulates the body internally, it is useful in balancing eating disorders of all kinds. Taiji’s relaxation and focus of intentions will reinforce healthier eating habits, while acupuncture will help reduce cravings. The exercise benefits of taiji are weight bearing, building strength and flexibility, and improved balance and gracefulness in movement. Both assist in improving digestion and metabolism.

By now, we know that the quick and easy weight loss promised by various diets is wishful thinking . Too often, the weight is gained back more quickly than it was taken off. With acupuncture and regular taiji practice, you will regulate your internal systems for long-term results.

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